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I played "I Get Around" for my students since they seemed particularly amused by the Squire's exploits with the ladies, but next time I might play "I Feel Pretty." This guy was dressed like a meadow, for goodness' sake!

Because The Canterbury Tales was written in a time when older siblings had to marry before the younger could enter matrimony, unattractive elder sisters were often given to the convent so their younger siblings could marry.

This has been partially accomplished by rejuvenating the idea of classroom blogging, but on an in-class basis, it will take much more than that.

Our first anchor text of the year is Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales.” There are 29 pilgrims and a host, so being able to learn and understand all those characters from the prologue can be quite a daunting task.

The preparation and dissemination of written communication is followed from its beginnings in the ancient world to the modern period.

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This school year, my focus has been on putting the class more into the hands of the students.

This seemed to fit the illiterate-but-secretly-intelligent Manciple perfectly. ) I would love to hear any suggestions you may have for an updated playlist, as I plan to play this game a few more times with my students before we continue with our unit.

I know the Reeve isn't the only thief among the Canterbury crowd, but because he steals from his work stealthily, just as the singer steals from his job at the car factory sneakily, I thought this was a spot-on match. For more Canterbury Shenanigans, feel free to check out my Canterbury Tales Speed Dating Printables in my Tp T store!

The Prioress is described as a very large woman with a forehead the width of an outstretched hand, making this scenario extremely plausible. :( This one is more of a stretch, but the Friar is Mr.

Charming in any situation that could get him a dime.

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