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I remember many years ago the statue of Chief Seattle in Downtown Seattle was stripped of its green patina and it was decided to go 'natural' and let the real bronze color age.

It was a horrible decision and the statue looked hideous in a year. If you want this look it is better to go with gilding. It is called Renaissance Brown because it was very popular in Italy in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries.

Flows were fed by fissure eruptions and the largest lava flow field was dated as 7,130 ± 140 cal in volume. Initial information about the volcanoes in the East Sayan Mts.

The area and volume of this flow field ranks this eruption highly in the global record of fissure-fed effusive eruptions. Harris helped much to make this paper suitable for publication in the Bulletin of Volcanology from both English and scientific points of view. was published in a local Siberian newspaper in 1858 by an English architect, Thomas Witlam Atkinson.

It is located at the boundary of the Riphean Tuva-Mongolia massif, which was probably reactivated because of the interplay between far-field tectonic stress derived from the India–Asia collision zone and extension in the south-western Baikal rift system. Sulpizio provided useful reviews, which helped to reorganize manuscript and avoid some misinterpretations.

The volcanic field comprises a number of hawaiitic lava flows, of various lengths, which flowed down paleorivers. The work was supported by grants from Russian Foundation for Basic Research (5-a and 2-CNRS_a). 142 sponsored by the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Taiwan National Science Council.

It looks like brass or gold and the finish is very bright and shiny.Obruchev and Lurye () pointed out that the lava was fed from fissures and that Kropotkin and Peretolchin volcanoes were formed during the final stage of the eruptions.They also considered that (a) Stariy (meaning old in Russian) volcano was older than the lava, whereas (b) Kropotkin and Peretolchin volcanoes were younger than the lava. Recently, the Jom-Bolok volcanic field was studied by Yarmolyuk et al. These authors provided data for the major and trace elements, plus Sr–Nd isotopes, measured for a limited number of samples collected in the Hee-Gol valley and along the Jom-Bolok river.Those bronzes have natural patinas that have taken hundreds of years to develop.Some ancient statues, like the bronzes from the Villa of the Papyri in Herculaneum have been restored and in the process have had new patinas applied.

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