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Canada has adopted the SI for most governmental, medical and scientific purposes and for such varied uses as grocery weights, weather reports, traffic signs and gasoline sales, but imperial units are still legally permitted and remain in common use throughout many sectors of Canadian society, particularly in the building trade and the railway sector.

One of each was selected at random to become the International prototype metre and International prototype kilogram that replaced the mètre des Archives and kilogramme des Archives respectively.SI is intended to be an evolving system, so prefixes and units are created and unit definitions are modified through international agreement as the technology of measurement progresses and the precision of measurements improves.The 25th General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) in 2014, for example, discussed a proposal to change the definition of the kilogram.[1]The motivation for the development of the SI was the diversity of units that had sprung up within the CGS systems and the lack of coordination between the various disciplines that used them.Black indicates the nations that have not yet adopted the SI-system: Burma, Liberia and the United States.Canada and the United Kingdom both have fairly common use of previously used units.

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