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"After conceding this seat and their majority, they are now desperately trying to claw both back 'like a snarling dog that won't let go of a bone,' " he said, quoting a recent editorial by the Richmond-Times Dispatch.But according to lawyers for Yancey, the questions about the recount's lone disputed ballot were a late-breaking surprise to them, as well.

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He said he is conferring with staff to figure out the date and method.A middle school civics teacher, Mallory, 33, said in an interview that he had wanted to take part in the recount so he could talk about it with his students.He wrote in his letter that he "lamented" his failure to act on the questionable ballot, and that he shared his misgivings with his wife and parents. Tuesday, Yancey's team talked with Mallory and heard his concerns.The ballot was tossed aside as invalid, the precinct was wrapped up and the recount moved on.At the end of the day, Republican and Democratic officials alike stated that they were satisfied with the process and outcome.

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