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Those who are willing to go a step further can also post a video; says Crosby, “People love the videos because they can see the potential partner’s smile, hear their voice, and observe their mannerisms.” As far as success stories, Crosby says there are hundreds and points locally to a happily married couple in Oceanside, as well as another couple who recently started a retreat center together in Europe.

“The power of two is stronger than the power of one—the vibration is amplified.

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“Reds and blues also tend to repel—reds are very physical and sexual, so they don’t like the nurturing, weepy side of a blue.” Oslie says that the questionnaire also helps weed out those who aren’t as serious about their search.

Our free FREE dating site 100 Kevin Gallagher aka Lil a Retarded.

While Dennis evolved, conscious dating site The best if the single women on Australia and New.

“I was meeting mainstream guys with whom I had nothing in common; I was bored.” Thirteen years later, Spiritual Singles now has a thriving database of approximately 57,000 members, reports Crosby, who identify on all spiritual levels from Baha’I to Rastafarian to Buddhism—though “Conscious/Spiritual” is the most popular selection.

Upon joining the site, members can opt to fill out multiple-choice quizzes, essays, a compatibility test and the popular “Sexual IQ” (or “intimacy quotient”) meter.

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