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Feeding schoolchildren invalid ‘knowledge’ is a sure way of destroying education in India, and will do irreparable harm.The only correct/legitimate way to go about propagating a new ‘Hinduised history’, for instance, is to first construct it painstakingly at the university level rigorously, through validated research, and then disseminate it downwards — assuming that this is possible.The right-wing has also made no efforts to dilute its ideology, at least to make itself attractive to politically unaffiliated intellectuals in various disciplines.It may have found some sympathy among managers, experimental scientists and micro-economists but these categories, while they are also associated with intellectual effort, do not usually generate ideas which permeate public life.Agitations and protests, it is understood, are directed against the government or the state in a democracy since they pertain to what representatives of the public are improperly doing or not doing.

The allegation in India that left-wing history is ‘biased’ is not a patently false one, because all history writing is biased in one way or another.Indian intellectuals have never been more alienated from any regime at the centre than they are from the Narendra Modi government but this needs to be inquired into rather than merely regretted.India has the most popular government in decades, implying a more difficult position for the intellectual than an unpopular government might have created — since agitating against unpopular state policy/conduct is widely understood to be moral duty of the public intellectual in a liberal democracy. Broadly speaking, an intellectual is a person who engages in critical study, thought, and reflection about the nature of contemporary society, and proposes solutions for the perceived problems of that society; by speaking out in the public sphere, he or she gains authority as a creator of opinion.An intellectual is not simply someone who undertakes intellectual activity — however profound — but one who engages deeply with societal issues to understand them and make their complexities widely understood.An intellectual is also someone able to draw abstract conclusions from social experience.

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